5 reasons to invite us

We are well established in street food

Roaming Giraffe is a well established street food company, the staff have years of experience working in a variety of events companies ranging from event planning, VIP clubs in Mayfair, and private celebrity parties. We know the drill when it comes to delivering an excellent event. Tricks of the trade are definitely under this giraffe’s belt if we don’t mind saying so. Eventhough we have a well established client base, we are always delighted to make new friends. If you book us for your event, we are confident that you will recommend us to your friends.

Local, British, fresh produce wherever possible

A successful event partly depends on the quality of the food. Roaming Giraffe has spent many years making notes of what works best for specific events. All our ingredients are hand selected by our staff and chefs in order to bring culinary delights to your party. There is nothing better than foods packed with vitamins to make your guests feel at ease. Therefore we prioritize local producers who take pride in their products rather than chain foods. We want to make a network where everybody profits from a win win situation.

Feel good

We know that if the food is good, people will come back again and again. That is why choosing suppliers is so important to us. Our coffee has been praised by our clients time and time again. But there is more, we provide great traditional British food, from eel and mash pies, to French creperie recipes from Brittany. We can also cater for exotic foods thanks to our network of partners and chefs that work in different sectors across the UK. This fine cuisine allows everybody to relax and enjoy the social side of things instead of wandering around looking for a decent meal at a venue.

Catering experts

Hen and Jack have over 12 years of catering experience when combined. Not just any old catering service, we have tended to the needs of high profile guests making them feel at ease throughout their parties. We know how to treat our clients, and we know how an event should be planned out and executed from beginning to end, with your particular needs taken into consideration. So why not jump the gun and give us a chance today! You can get in touch by phone or simply drop us a line using the contact form located on most pages.

Reliable staff

Waiters and event staff tend to easily get stressed out by timings of important occasions, we have been using the same staff members fora very long time. We have become a sort of family, if you will. We have also overcome this problem by making sure that all the necessary preparation has been carried out. This creates a minimum effort atmosphere where staff, chefs and guests can relax and enjoy themselves a lot more, making the vibe more friendly for everyone. We believe this is crucial because a party is synomym of fun fun fun!

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