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Quality products

Would you agree that supermarkets dominate the food scene but don’t seem to deliver really good food? We think this is because the ingredients are processed on an industrial scale where things like quality, vitality and taste are lost against profit maximization techniques. This is why we try to exclusively support local farmers and producers who take a lot of care in delivering high-quality goods. They do this because they know that if the food is good and the price is reasonable, their clients will come back again and again.

We believe in Fair trade

In today’s world, profit is more important than quality. We are witness to the ever-evolving inequities of the modern world. This is why we make a point of using fair trade organizations rather than maximum profit. We stand out from the competition thanks to the high quality of the products we hand pick. We also strive to make a better world for future generations by helping with funding and charity work whenever we can.

We only use tasty stuff

Organic is a word you have to be careful when using, in fact, it doesn’t really make sense anymore. There is always some form of artificial growing/processing technique that points out that the food is not 100% organic. What we do know is that hand picking your products from selective local producers and finding out where they come from is a great way to deliver when it comes to catering. Even though this process is time-consuming for us, we like to be really picky when it comes to ingredients.

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